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The ultimate eco-friendly space-saving hanger you didn’t know you needed.

Well Hung Hanger


Specifically Designed With You In Mind

A garment’s clothes hanger can either make or break its longevity. Therefore, it is important to understand how much difference utilising the right hanger can make to ensure your clothes are treated with the respect they deserve.

Unique in every way, our beautiful eco-friendly hangers are not only incredibly durable, but they also have a distinctive short neck design, lifting your clothes higher to reduce clutter and create that extra storage space you’ve always wished for.

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Eco-Friendly Alternative

With no plastic and no metal hooks, Well Hung® hangers are made using the discarded parts of a wheat grain harvest. Wheat straw is a type of edible grain and, unlike plastics, is not made from fossil fuels.

With no need for tree felling or the use of damaging chrome finishes, these fibres are biodegradable, BPA free, FDA approved, Food Safe Certified, gluten free, have natural anti-bacterial/anti-odour properties and contain no melamine or formaldehyde.

Any carbon that’s created during the manufacturing of our tooling and moulds is offset through the various carbon-offsetting projects that we support.  We are fully committed to supporting our partner companies Core Mission to “protect the oceans from plastic pollution”, and to plant new trees with every sale, and donate a % of profit to protect sea life.

Create Extra Space

Our versatile hangers are great on mobile clothes rails for any style of wardrobe and all lifestyles.

Wellhung hangers will lift any garment higher, creating extra space for shoes and additional items.
Used by professionals, including West End star, Rachael Wooding, who starred in ‘Hairspray’, ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Pretty Woman’.

“Wellhung hangers have made my own personal stage costumes really organised to change in to and I now couldn’t be without them.”

Rachael Wooding

Small change,
Big difference

Our hangers are reaching new heights.

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